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Restaurant Rosshütte

The glass “gourmet palace” sits enthroned by the beautiful skiing and hiking paradise of Rosshütte, 1,760 metres above Seefeld. Even before you have reached the centre of Seefeld, you will see the gastronomic jewel with its sparkling glass façade on the slope below the Seefelder Joch. From here you will already get an idea of how big it is... Opening times: daily 09:00-16:45!


Seating capacity indoor: approx. 500
Seating capacity outdoor on the terrace: approx. 500


Seating capacity indoor: approx. 60
Seating capacity outdoor on the panorama-balcony: approx. 20


In the centre of the Rosshütte middle station our Beergarden 1760" is located. Enjoy the great view around and a cold "Maß" of beer!


On the Rosshütte you can also find:

Lean back on a lounger and relax as you feel the warm sun on your skin…

A big children’s adventure playground with the theme “Mining in Seefeld” has been built on the Rosshütte to extend the selection of activities available in the summer. This playground combines children’s play equipment with information and stories about mining in Seefeld and Reith. The information is provided from a historical perspective and displayed on information boards.
As a result, this project is sure to be of interest to people “big and small”!

Trampoline and air cushion in one - and the same in double version!
    ~ Air cushion: 10 x 7 x 1.5 m
Freestyle tricks can be practiced with the centrally placed trampoline!
Open only during fair weather!

Directly next to the training area is also a tubing slide from the company Sunkid - a huge fun for the little ones!
Open only during fair weather!

RESTAURANT OPENING TIMES: daily 09.00am-04.45pm
Please note the general season times!