Sportis Kinderland

Perfect for all beginners and people taking up skiing again!

  • 20,000 m2 ski area - separated from the "regular" ski area
  • Sporti’s magic carpet 1 - 21 m conveyor belt (covered)
  • Sporti’s magic carpet 2 - 45 m conveyor belt (covered)
  • Sporti’s magic carpet XL - 51 m conveyor belt (covered)
  • Sporti’s Megastar - 90 m dish cable lift
  • Access via a footbridge from the ski terrace

The slope gradient is perfectly adapted in the entire area:

  • Exercise area of the smallest: 6% slope
  • Magic carpet 1: 9% slope
  • Magic carpet XL: 14% gradient
  • Sportis Megastar: 18% slope
  • Magic carpet 2: 23% slope

Due to the gradual increase of the slope the Kinderland is perfect for practicing and the step to the main slopes is easier now!

Please note - access is only possible with skis (no pedestrians, no sledges, no baby carriages etc.)!