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Jumping hills are closed. Summer break!

Welcome to the Toni Seelos Jumping Hills in Seefeld
Jumping Hills HS 109, HS 75


Toni Seelos Jumping Hill HS 109


  • 109 meters
  • K-Width:
  • 98,85 meters
  • gradient of jump:
  • 34 degrees
  • length of jump:
  • 91,36 meters
  • length of skijump table:
  • 6,42 meters
  • height of skijump table:
  • 2,47
  • length of runout:
  • 79 meters

Toni Seelos Jumping Hill HS 75


  • 75 meters
  • K- Width:
  • 67,88 meters
  • gradient of jump:
  • 30 degrees
  • length of jump:
  • 96,61 meters
  • length of skijump table:
  • 6 meters
  • height of skijump table:
  • 1,70 meters
  • length of runout:
  • 72 meters

Training sessions

1: 09:00-10:30 
2: 10:30-12.00 
3: 13:00-14:30 
4: 14:30-16:00 

The coach determines the number of athletes per session – up to 30 people.


Saturday training:

At weekends, early written registration is required for Saturday training



Tel. +43 (0) 5212 52789
Fax. +43 (0) 5212 52789



Training camp in Seefeld

The Nordic Competence Centre in Seefeld, provides suitable infrastructure for the successful and balanced training of top athletes.

Collaboration with partner hotels across multiple categories, “Bodypoint Seefeld” fitness centre, sports halls, World Cup sports facilities for the waxing and storage of skis, etc, makes this an ideal location for training.

We provide attractive packages for teams who would like to train in Seefeld. Training facilities are selected based on individual requirements

Nordic Combined World Cup

Every year, the Nordic Combined World Cup is a special highlight and further strengthens Seefeld’s reputation of Nordic excellence. Thousands of fans visit every year to root for their favourite athletes. At the Casino Arena in Seefeld, all of the spectators have the chance to see both the ski jumping on Seefeld’s HS 109 Toni Seelos jump and the cross-country disciplines up close.

Seefeld hosted the Nordic Combined World Cup for the first time from 10th to 11th January 2004 on the old Toni Seelos jump. From this moment on it became impossible to imagine the winter programme without it.

This winter, the World Cup will take place from 16th to 18th January 2015.



In 1931, the “Jahnschanze” was built in Seefeld in Tirol and in 1948 it was renamed after the skiing legend Anton Seelos. The Toni Seelos jump was demolished in 2010 to create space for two new Toni Seelos jumps – the HS75 and the HS109. These were officially opened in the same year.


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Nordic Combined

Half Day 13,00 13,00
Full Time 25,00 13,00